Because We Can

Build a World Where Truth is the standard for information

Our impact

We started in 2020 and we have had already significant impact with our investigative research powered by AI combined with Satellite images.

Our reports brought transparency to the South China Sea conflict and helped discover illicit activities. Furthermore, our data contributed to policy changes that will advance democracy for the Philippines.

Our neutral investigative reports have been published by more than 50 media specifically for the South China Sea conflict.

What We Do


— We Research & Find

We are investigative researchers using AI and satellite images to provide accurate information and fight against disinformation which is a clear threat to democracy.


— We Share & Publish

Our research is freely available and published via easy to understand reports. We are fully transparent in all data sources.


— We Train & Grow

We believe real change can only happen by educating and growing the network of spreaders of accurate proven information. We thrive to train other on our techniques for investigation.



The report also disclosed that at least eight new structures.


Report shows possible construction on Mischief Reef