Our mission

Democracy can only survive with accurate & free information

What We Do


— We Research & Find

We are investigative researchers using AI and satellite images to provide accurate information and fight against disinformation which is a clear threat to democracy.


— We Share & Publish

Our research is freely available and published via easy to understand geospatial reports. We are fully transparent in all data sources.


— We Train & Grow

We believe real change can only happen by educating and growing the network of spreaders of accurate proven information. We thrive to train others on our proven techniques for investigation.

Our Goals!

Be a force for Democracy &
Safely illuminate illicit activity such as militarization, smuggling, deforestation,
illegal dumping, illegal fishing, human trafficking, and encroachment
Be A Force For Prosperity & Sustainability

We hope our efforts will deliver prosperity for all and a more sustainable world.

Making "Truth" the standard

We believe the truth in news should prevail. We provide our research free of charge to all neutral media..